Strategic Planning

As facilitators we apply strategic expertise and imagination to solving business issues. In addition to designing custom workshops, we also lead the following:

Business Planning & Exploration

Discovery: Brand solution beginning with an audit of existing data & ending with a compelling POV, innovation, sustainable brand growth narrative.

Brand Planner: Business planning series that engages cross-functional leaders to evaluate current performance & develop growth plans.

Brand Identity & Story

Brand Being: Brand creation & optimization tool that defines brand identity, leadership potential & charts a new path to growth.

Brand War Games: Intense approach that models various competitive business scenarios & builds preemptive action plans against them. Brand Brief: Collaboration with key client & agency stakeholders to build compelling & insightful creative briefs.


Claims Innovator: Collaborative cross-functional workshop for the development of compelling, motivating & innovative claims.

Brand Innovator: Collaborative ideation & concept development approach for new product development.

Vivid brought a fresh and thoughtful perspective to our innovation workshop. I’ve participated in and coordinated many similar workshops before, but this was one of the best. It was organized, insightful, and produced compelling and actionable results.

Christine Lee Global Claims Manager, Univeler
Christine Lee

I have worked with Kerry and Mauer of Vivid in various capacities for the past 12 years. Vivid is the result of their passions and experiences in consumer insight, strategy, and facilitation. Vivid is an on-going partner in our business and each time I work with them they exceed my high expectations.

Avi Levine Consumer & Market Insights Lead, Canada, Unilever
Avi Levine

Not only did we get an abundance of potential claims for use on our brand, but we were also able to look at a 5 year claims roadmap to ensure we were evolving our claims messaging in a relevant and strategic way. The session that vivid connections facilitated for us was thoughtful and engaging and well worth the time spent.

Babita Bhattal Marketing Director, GSK
Babita Bhattal

We recently partnered with Vivid Connections on the design, development and delivery of our new global Integrated Marketing Communications approach. Vivid unified content and frameworks from across our organization and imaginatively brought concepts to life using best in class examples from the marketplace. Their experiential learning techniques, stunning presentation and learner materials, as well as high calibre live delivery, received accolades from our global audience and leaders.

Chuck Buckingham Consumer Excellence Capability Director, MolsonCoors Brewing Company
Chuck Buckingham

Mauer Chiarello
Managing Partner, Research Specialist

Kerry Owen
Managing Partner, Strategic Facilitator & Executive Coach

Sarah Duff
Senior Director, Strategic Facilitator

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