Graham Matthews

 Senior Director, Research Specialist

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and impactful approach, Graham carries calm, confidence and curiosity through every project.

Graham leads a research consulting team at Vivid as well as offering his expertise in moderating select qualitative studies. He re-joined Vivid in 2017 following the completion of his MBA at Ivey Business School and time in the field expanding his moderator and strategic toolbox at Fresh Squeezed Ideas.
He is a blended thinker with the ability to balance a rational best-in-class business perspective with an empathetic, human mindset. Graham is an experienced researcher and has earned moderator accreditation with Unilever Global CMI. He has an gentle rapport with respondents and clients alike and an endless interest in what drives human behaviour.
Born and raised in Toronto, Graham can be found writing and playing music, chatting strategy at boardgame conventions, or browsing the latest exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Fun fact: Graham plays piano, drums, guitar and even a bit of bagpipes. He started a rock band at Ivey called Vaughan and The Radcliffe’s, named after their accounting professor, Vaughan Radcliffe. 

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