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Mauer Chiarello
When your business objectives require phenomenal instincts, trusted advisement, and thoughtful solutions to marketing challenges—
Mauer Chiarello
has the answers

Mauer Chiarello

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Mauer is a strategic thinker with an inherent ability to translate consumer data into business-building action plans.

A naturally curious and quietly confident leader, Mauer uses his collaborative nature —combined with 30 years of research expertise— to help clients uncover new insights and make informed business decisions.

Mauer leads our work with long standing partner clients such as Kellogg Canada, Dr. Oetker, Hershey, and The Campari Group. He also advises smaller organizations such as The Royal Conservatory of Music, Mezzetta, and AB Foods.

When Mauer is not leading research projects, you’re most likely to find him reading works of literary fiction, cooking delicious meals, and playing the trumpet with his orchestra.

Kerry Owen
When you need the perfect blend of insight driven inspiration, planning precision, and engaging facilitation—
Kerry Owen
has the plan

Kerry Owen

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Kerry is a creative thought-leader, strategic facilitator, seasoned moderator, and ICF accredited executive coach.

With over 25 years experience —and a true passion for helping clients understand how human emotion and behaviour can drive business growth— Kerry has developed remarkable instincts and honed her innate ability to transform conceptual into actionable.

Kerry designs and leads groups through strategic planning exercises, innovation design thinking, team learning modules and workshops. She is particularly proud of her continued work with Labatt ABI, SC Johnson, GSK, and Mother Raw.

When Kerry is not at the front of the room —or leading workshops on zoom— she is playing competitive tennis, spectating basketball and swimming, or taking an adventure to somewhere new.

Sarah Duff
When you are looking for creative intuition, clarity of thought, and a keen eye for detail—
Sarah Duff
is ready to
dig in

Sarah Duff

Senior Director

Sarah is a strategic thinker with an eye for detail. She has the natural ability to crystallize complex findings into inspiring, actionable solutions.

Sarah loves “figuring things out” whether by facilitating a workshop or digging for insights. She is a fantastic concept writer and is the brains behind many successful new product concepts now on-shelf.

Sarah leverages her previous experience in Global Brand Management to offer thoughtful advice in consumer marketing and innovation to our ongoing clients: KDP, SC Johnson, and the Institute of Corporate Directors.

When she’s not busy turning insights into action, Sarah enjoys yoga, shooting hoops with her active boys, and spending time outdoors at the family cottage.

Graham Matthews
When your project calls for best-in-class rational business thinking, with a specialized blend of logic and empathy—
Graham Matthews
accepts your

Graham Matthews

Senior Director

Known for his gentle rapport —with clients and respondents alike— and vivid interest in what drives human behaviour, Graham approaches complex business challenges with curiosity and confidence.

An experienced and thoughtful researcher —in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies— with an MBA from Ivey Business School, Graham is often called upon to spearhead problem solving initiatives on behalf of our clients.

He leads the research consulting team on Dr. Oetker, TJX Canada, and has worked collaboratively alongside the internal team at Labatt ABI.

When he’s not solving complex business challenges, Graham can be found writing and playing music, chatting strategy at board game conventions, or taking long stroller walks, through the ravine, with his young son.

Jodi Bergeron
When you’re wondering who is holding it all together and keeping us on track, for team success—
jodi bergeron
is the glue

Jodi Bergeron

Project Manager

Jodi is the glue that holds our business together.

Jodi confidently handles all Vivid Administration and Financial Affairs.

She has also been known to draw terrific flip chart art, source visual materials, handle consumer recruiting and creative research requests.

When Jodi’s not here at Vivid —keeping us all on track for team success— she can be found supporting her favourite team at a hockey rink, sitting lakeside in Fenelon Falls, or exploring the world in her RV.

Julien Braghieri
When your consumer research initiatives require exceptional project management, in English or in French—
julien braghieri
est le meilleur

Julien Braghieri


Julien is the ‘get-it-done’ guy for research assignments at Vivid and brings vivid curiosity, patience, and efficiency to every research challenge.

Julien is an accomplished researcher, who enjoys moderating qualitative research en Français pour les régions Canadiennes francophones ou pour les clients internationaux.

Julien has led research initiatives with Labatt ABI, Dr. Oetker, Mezzetta, and partnered with Matrix Sciences.

When Julien is not moderating discussions —in two languages— he can be found cycling to remote parts of Canada with his bicycle “Bobby”, building wood furniture, and boire du vin et du fromage francais.

Kristina Dadswell
When you need expert advice on methodology, deep consumer insights, and compelling presentations—
kristina dadswell
Brings innovation
to life

Kristina Dadswell

Senior Director

Kristina is a thought leader in marketing research and consumer behaviour.

She delights in supporting clients with story-telling and collaborative presentations that translate research insights into business focused actions.

Kristina helps the data live beyond the page.

Kristina leads the innovation research team at Kellogg’s Canada, specializing in concept development, virtual markets, product testing and go-to-market strategies for bringing new products to Canada.

When Kristina is not poring over data, she can be found chasing her two little girls, playing hockey, or socializing with her neighbours.

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