Life is busy, and I’m sure that this is true for many of us.  What’s new?  Well, sometimes we need to slow down so that we can in fact move forward faster.  This is something that maybe I’ve always known but never really internalized.  But in having a little girl, who is now nearly 12 months, I’ve really learnt to do just that.  I never really appreciated how fast I was trying to ‘run’: at work, at home, in every aspect of my life.  But then along came Ella with her own agenda and pace.  She runs her fingers over blades of grass and plays endlessly in the sand with sheer wonderment in her eyes and not a care for the ticking clock.  Over these months, I’ve watched her closely trying to learn about who she is and how she’s growing and in the process I’ve slowed down.   And as I did so, I started to ‘see’ things differently.

When trying to uncover brand insights sometimes you also need to slow down.  Digging through great data is a must, but finding a great insight, one that has that real ‘aha’ feel, is about making connections between what a consumer really wants or needs or believes and what they wish was different or better.  So often, we try and force connections or run with the first idea that comes to mind, when in fact, what we often need to do is ‘walk away’.  What we should try to do is ‘noodle’ the idea, think about it from a different perspective and let it breathe in our minds.  We need to remove the daily ‘noise’ that prevents us from seeing things in a new way.  Physically doing something different can help: go for a swim, a walk, do some knitting, watch a child play, just be calm.  And then, you just might discover that those killer connections and insights bubble up when you least expect them.

Finding stellar brand insights is not easy, it can take time, but there are things that you can do to help.  Slowing down is one of them.  And if you do, you might just be able to move forward faster.

Caroline Freakes

Caroline Freakes

If you’re looking for someone with astute talent in unearthing richer insight, and getting to the heart of issues, Caroline is it! (British wit included!)
Caroline Freakes

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