People Development

As developers, we create, design, and deliver customized programs that transform people and businesses.

Marketing Capabilities

Provide Expert Advice

We combine current marketing theory and best practice inspiration from the marketplace with hands-on practical application. We help our clients to:


  • Develop, reinforce, and bring to life standard tools and approaches
  • Instill culture
  • Demonstrate investment in talent
  • Develop strong peer networks We have successfully led participants at all levels, from entry level to executive.

We recently partnered with Vivid Connections on the design, development and delivery of our new global Integrated Marketing Communications approach. Vivid unified content and frameworks from across our organization and imaginatively brought concepts to life using best in class examples from the marketplace. Their experiential learning techniques, stunning presentation and learner materials, as well as high calibre live delivery, received accolades from our global audience and leaders.

Chuck Buckingham Consumer Excellence Capability Director, MolsonCoors Brewing Company
Chuck Buckingham

We partnered with Vivid Connections to design and deliver a comprehensive marketing learning program for our junior level marketers. Covering topics such as consumer insight, brand identity and brand & communication planning, the daily sessions were insightful, relevant and engaging. It has made a noticeable impact to the skill level and confidence of our team.

James Oh Vice President Marketing, Whirlpool Canada
James Oh

Vivid did an amazing job bringing a complicated topic to life with the perfect blend of theory, practice, and humanity. They really understood how to build a program that delivers on ambitious objectives while keeping the needs of our learners top of mind throughout the process. Vivid was able to integrate our input and push our thinking when needed to create a program where everything from the mood to the content to the exercises reinforces the spirit of our topic. This program will drive lasting behavior change for our organization… and their team was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Scott Coligan Marketing Insights Manager, Miller Coors
Scott Coligan

Leadership Development

We help clients improve employee engagement and develop stronger teams. We help optimize relationships and partnerships to establish successful ways of working and achieving team success.

We had the exciting opportunity to pull together as one marketing team, following a merger. We hired Vivid Connections to lead our team in a 2-day offsite facilitating exercises in change management, team building, and visioning. It was an awesome couple of days, and a great start to our team coming together. Vivid kept the flow of the 2 days engaging and entertaining and our newly formed team responded beautifully. It exceeded our expectations and we plan to work with them again.

Nicki Gravina, Babita Bhattal, Sabrina Sharpe Marketing Directors, GSK Canada
Nicki Gravina, Babita Bhattal, Sabrina Sharpe

Vivid connections is our partner for strategic facilitation. Recently they collaborated with us to bring our company vision to life. They led us through several workshop sessions to ideate, prepare, and coach our leaders. The end result was powerful and inspiring. I could not have been more pleased!

Sharon MacLeod Marketing Director, Univeler
Sharon MacLeod

Executive Coaching

Kerry is accredited with ACC by the ICF (International Coach Federation). She works with individuals or groups to unlock their potential. 

Executive coaching is about having an objective sounding board, dedicated only to you. It’s about someone listening to what you’re thinking about and helping you articulate what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

Sometimes we don’t always know what we want or, if we do, there are barriers in our way. You may not have a clear vision and the path to reach it may appear fuzzy.  So it’s hard to push yourself forward.  It’s easier to lean back, not take risks, and not live as fulfilling a life at work and at home. 

Coaching will help you see possibility and grab hold of opportunity. It will help you see things in yourself that perhaps you can’t see.

Kerry will help you believe in and articulate your own potential. Most importantly, she will challenge you to do what needs to be done, to achieve results.


Working together we will:

Create the space for thinking to happen.

Executives and other corporate leaders often find it difficult to set aside time to think.  The daily needs of the business can overshadow the value of thinking time. Setting aside time with a coach to consider five years into your future is as important as thinking about today or next month. Envisioning what you want and then setting yourself up to get there both in business results, and in individual goals, helps you realize true success.

Unlock your imagination, and experience different perspectives.

Career ruts tend to sneak up on us. You’ve likely been successful for a number of years; you’ve received promotions, and climbed the ladder.  But perhaps now you’re wondering what might be next. This is a great time to work with a coach. It may not feel like it but there are lots of possibilities awaiting you. 

Recognize, renew, and embrace your strengths and capabilities.

Maybe you’re looking for a change.  Maybe you’re taking on something new. Or, maybe your role now has greater demands and responsibility.  Perhaps you’re joining the on ramp again after staying at home with your kids. Any of these are great opportunities to have a coach who will ride shotgun. 

Solve problems and build fresh ideas.

Maybe it’s a person in your office that you are struggling with, or a set of processes that are really getting in your way. Maybe it’s a huge business mountain that you need to climb, in a short time, with limited resources, and you wonder how the heck you’ll climb it. Maybe you’re just feeling stuck. These are great reasons to talk with a coach and map out your success.

See your unique potential, make things happen, and achieve results.

Sometimes we’ve wanted to do something for a long time in our life but for whatever reason we just haven’t jumped in.  This is a great moment to work with a coach, and consider what’s getting in your way.  We will help you clear a path and generate momentum towards your real goals.

Kerry’s guidance as a coach really found me at exactly the right moment. When you’re making career-defining decisions, what you need is a person who is open, knowledgeable and structured in their thinking to help you navigate all the questions and uncertainties. Kerry was instrumental in this transition. She helped me articulate my goals more clearly, and facilitated great conversation around the means to achieving them. She was also indispensable in providing advice and resources throughout the process.

Mak Kattan Strategic Planning Director, DentsuBOS
Mak Kattan

I’ve known and worked with Kerry as my personal and professional coach through Chocolate Villa since it began in 2008. She has a natural way of connecting with people and getting right to the heart of the issue. Her professional guidance has helped me build a thriving business, while maintaining my personal values of growth with balance. Kerry’s coaching skills are superb and authentic, and it has been a privilege for me to have her as my trusted advisor.

Merrilee Buchanan Principal Consultant, Villa Leadership
Merrilee Buchanan

Kerry Owen
Managing Partner, Strategic Facilitator & Executive Coach

Sarah Duff
Senior Director, Strategic Facilitator

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