Sarah Duff

 Senior Director, Strategic Facilitator

If you’re looking for creative intuition, enthusiasm and clarity of thought, look no further. Sarah mixes the spontaneity of art with the analysis of science at Vivid.

Sarah is a strategic thinker with an eye for detail. She loves new challenges and delights in “figuring things out” whether by facilitating a workshop or digging for insight. An outstanding communicator, Sarah has a natural ability to crystallize complex findings into inspiring, actionable recommendations. She is a fantastic writer and has penned numerous successful concepts and Brand Being Frameworks.

Sarah joined Vivid in 2010 and has done impressive work in strategic planning, facilitation, and Marketing Learning with clients such as: Molson Coors, Miller Coors, Unilever, Whirlpool, ConAgra Foods, and RBC.

Prior to Vivid, Sarah led global innovation and advertising projects for Dove deodorant as part of Unilever’s Global Brand Development team based in London, UK. Previous tours of duty included brand management at Unilever Canada and management consulting at Andersen.

When she’s not chasing after her two young boys, Sarah enjoys yoga, the Amazing Race and cooking a great meal while holding a glass of wine.

Fun fact: This year Sarah is renovating her home. Ask her about tile selections!

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