Deb Irwin

 Senior Partner, Research Specialist

If you’re looking for fresh ideas and tireless effort, combined with a passion for numbers and human insight, Deb is exactly what you need.

She is truly gifted in both the art & science of marketing.  Her sparky personality, and brilliant strategic thinking abilities make her a great asset to our client’s businesses.

Deb leads innovation research at Vivid and is also an engaging facilitator. Deb joined Vivid in 2009 with years of wisdom and experience as a market researcher, facilitator, and marketing consultant. She is the only one we know that loves reading data tables over coffee as much as she loves interviewing consumers in a workshop or the aisles of a grocery store. Perhaps this is because she worked in financial services for so long managing consumer research and competitive intelligence before making the switch to CPG. Since embracing CPG, she has worked with Dove, VIM, and has been an outsourced market researcher for Kellogg’s for the past 16 years. In addition to her leadership with Kellogg’s, she also contributes to Heart & Stroke, GSK, Molson Coors, among others. She is an active member of the MRIA.

Deb is an Explorer – underwater and on land. She also has a love of dinosaurs and visual art (sometimes combining the two).

Fun Fact: Deb organizes an annual, multi generation family cruise. Ask her about her next trip!

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